Monday, September 29, 2014

Pink Shorts

Today is 29th September, a very special day for me <3, and also congratulations to all Miguel, Michaels...! Happy St. Michaels day!

Something new for this day, I will show you step-by-step shorts. I will use this for homewear, but depending on the type of fabric used you can use them whatever :).

Pink shorts
You will need:

  • 1 yard of 44-45" wide fabric. I used Itty Bitty Polka Dots by Andrea Turk for Camelot Fabrics in Pink
  • Scrap of mediumweight fusible interfacing
  • Long ruler or yardstick
  • Fabric pen or pencil
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Tape measure
  • Medium sized safety pin
  • Straight pins
  • Optional2 yards of 1½" width cotton ribbon with a soft drape for waistband tie. You can use this instead of making if from fabric.

First of all you need your measures and find a pattern that fits you.
In this case, I will make shorts with pockets, the next image shows you how to cut your fabric:

Once you have all your pieces cut, it is useful to transfer seamallowance to all pieces, I used loose threads:

Making button hole

You will need something similar to a button hole for the ribbon in the waistband.
Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse the small interfacing piece in place.

On the other side, pin right sides together the small piece of fabric:

At your sewing machine, stitch all around the mark, pivoting at the corners and two millimeters wide:

Cut with scissors to open the hole.

Turn in the piece of fabric and stich all around the hole, very closed to the edge. Repeat all the steps in the other piece.

Making the pockets

Pin in place the front piece and pocket piece right sides together. Using a ½" seam allowance, stitch the pocket piece in place.

Turn the pocket, wrong sides together and press.

Find the other pocket piece and pin it in place. Stitch all around the pocket to close it.

Repeat with the other pocket.

Making the legs

In the next steps, you will sew each leg closed, then sew the two legs together.

Once you have both pockets stitched, find the back and front pieces from one leg and pin them right sides together. Using a 1/2" seam sew from the bottom edge to the crotch, and the other long straight edge side in the same way. Repeat for the other leg.

Once you have both legs stitched, put one inside the other wright sides together and using a 1/2" seam allowance stitch the curved section.

Making the waistband tie

Find the long strips of fabric and stitch them together to make a longer one.

Fold it right sides together and pin it.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance stitch along both ends, along the long side leaving a 3" open. Clip the corners at the sewn end, making sure not to cut your seam. 

Turn it out and press. Hand stitch the opened side.

Waistband tie done:

Waistband tie

Making the waistband

Turn and press 1/2"

Again, turn using the waistband marks and press

Stitch very closed to the edge all around the waistband.

Repeat the stitch on the other side of waistband.

Making hems

Now we are finishing the legs by making bottom hems.
Turn and press 1/2"

Turn and press 1"

Stitch the hem:

Finallyplace a safety pin through one end of the waistband tie. Push the safety pin through one buttonhole, and use it to work the ribbon through the waistband until the safety pin emerges from the opposite buttonhole.


Hope you like my shorts and try to make one for you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Today something new and useful: fabric toilet paper holder. Love it!

Good idea to store toilet paper and don´t worry about the roll being “almost gone” and forgetting to balance another roll on top of the old roll or stacking a few rolls on the back of the toilet.  Just make sure the holder is always filled……and you’re always prepared.

No more shouting.... "can somebody get me some Toilet Paper?!?!" while caught in the middle of your, ahem, "business".

The holder can be attached by a few ties or just a tie (like the one I show you), right to your current dispenser, just below the current roll of paper.

Try it: step by step

You will need:

  • Two rectangles of fabric: one for the exterior and one for the lining. Measurement: measure the circumference of your roll. Then double that number and add 6 inches. Then measure the width of your roll and add 2 inches. In my case: circumference is 25" and the width is 4 1/4" so my final piece measurement is: 31"x 5 1/4"
  • Depending on your fabric you will need to use an interfacing that will be ironed to the wrong side of the exterior panel. Cut one piece of interfacing too.
  • For the tie you will need a 1" stripe the long you need. In my case I used one stripe: 1"x18"
Let´s start!

Fist of all, apply interfacing to the wrong side of the exterior panel.

Place both panels right sides together and stitch all the way around using a 1/2" seam allowance leaving an opening along one end for turning. The opening should be about 4" to turn the tube right side out.

Clip all four corners:

Turn the tube right side out and iron flat. Fold the edges of the opening towards the inside, a 1/2 ". Iron flat.

Top stitch around the very edge of the rectangle, finishing off nicely.

Tie: fold the stripe in half lengthwise and iron flat.

Open up and fold the raw edges in toward the inside, lining up the edges with the fold. Iron flat. Similar to create a bias tape.

Top stitch nice and close to the edge.

Fold your rectangle piece in half and the lift up the top edge just a bit. Place one tie end on the left and the other on the right side of the lining side of your rectangle piece (about a 1/2 inch down). Pin them in place about a 1/4 inch from the right and left edges.
Fold the other half of the rectangle piece back down, lining up the edges. Sew the top edges shut with 2 parallel seams, about a 1/4 inch apart.

Then, sew another seam in the exact middle of the remaining portion of the holder, dividing the space for your toilet paper rolls.

And that´s all!! so easy!!

Michael Miller Pillow Maxfield Garden Part

Monday, September 15, 2014

Swarovski set and rings

Good Monday morning! Wish you have a good week!

Today, another swarovski idea: ring and earring and rings. Hope you like it!

Swarovski set

Swarovski ring

Swarovski ring